***Eco Fashion Show Back In Full Effect***Tickets On Sale Now***Thursday 8/15/19***

Programs as Future Resources


Badger Agriculture

Partnering with local organic farmers, businesses and other nonprofits to provide Organic food to Veterans, their families and the community.

Badger Ecooo Fashion

2 Eco-Friendly forward clothing lines.  The R3 clothing line is focused on zero waste, up-cycling and sustainability.  The Raah Organics line is focused entirely on organic materials used to make unique pieces for the community.  All outfits are thoughtfully and individually created by our founder and will always be auctioned off at each Eco Fashion Show.  100% of proceeds from each show will be used to develop and sustain the Badger Agriculture program.

The Headless Viper

A mobile unit providing free, organic and gmo free food to Veterans and civilians (by donation).


Will serve as a crisis call center, providing critical initial advocacy response and sustainable resource advocacy planning.  


Will provide transportation to appointments outside the VA, in the event transportation is unavailable as well as moving services.

Badger Burrows

These facilities will double as rehabilitation and retreat centers.